Spring exhibition 2018

The jungle proves a winner!
Article text
Our latest exhibition at the Norfolk Centre, Arundel proved a real winner for animal lovers. Amongst our best sellers were a lion, a giraffe and a Westie dog. This leave us all wondering if we should visit the zoo or the circus rather than the seaside and the countryside before painting our next masterpieces!
Yet, in our previous show it was those very landscapes - of Britain, India and the Mediterranean - that sold best.
Do we learn anything from this? Probably only that it is impossible to tell what will be most attractive to "the public".
For some artists that may be frustrating ... wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what our visitors would like to buy? We could all paint that, sell everything and make a fortune! But, NO I hear you cry! For that very "un-knowing" also offers us freedom - the freedom to paint what we like, what we feel strongly about, what we are passionate about.
Those animal painters are certainly passionate about their beasts, large and small and maybe that's what our visitors saw in their paintings ... not just a lion, giraffe or dog - but the passion - the driving emotion - that lay behind the paint.

Now, of course, there were exceptions to this animal extravaganza. Not least was the landscape watercolour by Brien Howard. This was chosen as her favourite by our main guest for the evening, Angela Standing, previously Lord Mayor and still Town Crier of Arundel. Our thanks to Angela for being with us and adding even more colour to our evening. You can see a photo of her, in all her regalia, alongside Brien's winning entry, in our "Exhibitions" gallery.