Arundel Art Society

Arundel Art Society has been around almost as long as the castle! Well, slight exaggeration ... we do have a long history but an even more exciting future. We are a varied group of artists, drawn together by our love of drawing and painting, and will offer a warm welcome to new members. Do have a look at our members' work and if you fancy joining us, get in touch via the "Contact us" drop-down menu.
Arundel Trail Exhibition: Make sure you have our next - and major - exhibition in your diary. We will be at the Cathedral Centre in Arundel as part of the Art Trail, from 17th to 26th August. This is a stunning gallery space, well worth the walk to the top of the town. Refreshments available, alongside the first-class artwork. Times of opening are:
*17th/18th - 10am until 6pm
*19th to 22nd - 1pm until 5.30pm
*23rd to 26th - 10am until 6pm
Not to be missed!

Friendly and helpful

Members come from all walks of life and drawn together by their simple enjoyment of art. We would love to see you at our exhibitions or at one of our regular demonstration evenings. You may even want to join!