Annual programme


Display and hopefully sell your work
We host at least two major exhibitions each year, including one as part of the internationally renowned "Arundel Art Trail" when the town becomes an artistic paradise!

Exhibitions are a great way of getting your work in front of the public ... and selling, of course.

But they are more than this. Exhibitions take a lot of planning and hard work. Managing this draws our artists together.

Whatever skills you have beyond your artwork will be needed and welcomed. You could be involved in the marketing, creating leaflets or other advertising material, helping us to bring in as many visitors as possible. Or you could help with our raffles which raise money for a charity every year. Muscle power is always welcome helping to erect our display screens. Or, you might have that additional artistic "bent" that would bring out the best in our displays by helping with the actual hanging of the paintings in time for the visitors to arrive. Or, you might have the interpersonal skills to make sure our visitors enjoy the exhibition even more than we do!

Never worry about "too many cooks" ... the more members we have helping at exhibition time the better the result will be ... for all of us.